Fresh Snow In The North Cascades!

fresh snow in cascadeThere’s fresh snow in the North Cascades today about 1000 feet below the PCT. Be prepared…know alternate lower routes and where you can get warm up north here…Mazama, Ravensong’s Roost, Stehekin, Holden Village. Its a long stretch from Dinsmore’s.
Its gorgious, yet COLD!

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  1. Maxine Franklin says:

    Hi Carolyn! Nice article in the Seattle Times. Now every hobo PCTer is gonna see the cat face on your fence post, and you’ll be needing to hire a staff. I’m applying…Also, “one of the first” ?? Where did they get that. You both hiked the summer of ’76. You finished in Sept. She finished in Oct. You were the FIRST. Don’t see the uncertainty there…just sayin’

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