Ravensong’s Roost

Carolyn ‘Ravensong’ Burkhart


Welcome to Ravensong’s Roost

Ravensong hiked the PCT in 1976 and as far as we know was the first woman to solo hike the trail.  In the 1980’s and 90’s she went on to do section hiking with her kids when they were young.


Now, she is excited to give back to the PCT through Trail Angelling at Mazama, the last stop before Canada. She welcomes old trail friends and new ones as you complete your final leg of the Trail.

Drop by and camp out by the Hiker’s Hut for the night as you finish your trek on the Pacific Crest Trail this year. Come team up with others in rough weather to learn about alternate routes and strategies to help you safely complete your journey.

Ravensong’s Roost is open during September and October, maybe longer…Enjoy your hike!

Hiker's Hut in process at the 'Roost'

Hiker’s Hut in process at the ‘Roost’

Ravensong’s Roost –       Mazama, WA 98833

Ravensong's Roost

Ravensong’s Roost

Carolyn ‘Ravensong’ Burkhart.  kitravensong@hotmail.com


2014 brings hikers young and old!


Buddy Backpacker and his folks

Buddy Backpacker and his folks heading south




Ravensongs Roost


Frenchie,Walking Home, Slingshot, Otter, Ravensong, Steamer, GoldenBoy, Soltice, Legend and Explangrance at Ravensong’s Roost.




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3 Responses to Ravensong’s Roost

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Carloyn, What a perfect way to assist fellow PCT hikers! It’s so fun to see the article on your initial PCT hike, read the story about you as the token female ranger at Stehekin, and see pictures of Raven’s Roost!

    Take care, Michelle

  2. Carrie Mackay says:

    Hi Ravensong, I just love your site and wonderful goodwill toward other fellow hikers. Good luck with everything. Carrie

  3. Joe Kurtak says:


    We plan to hike from Hart’s Pass to Rainy Pass, starting on 8/9. Do you have any reports on snow conditions on the south side of Granite Pass? I hear that it has a steep slope that can be snow-covered into late summer. Do we need to have ice axes with us just in case.

    Joe Kurtak, Anchorage, AK

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